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Samy Thiébault,

Stemming of prestigious Higher National Conservatory for Music of Paris, the saxophonist Samy Thiébault finds very quickly his public and an enthusiastic media support through an artistic direction always creative and generous.

In the faults of « Blues For Nel« , « Gaya Scienza« , « Upanishad Experiences« , « Clear Fire » and his last opus  » A Feast Of Friends  » (around the music of The Doors), all appeared on the label Gaya Music Production that he founded,  this artist in perpetual quest  » raise at the level of the most important sax players and the current composers  » (according to the daily newspaper « Libération »)

Year 2016 will undoubtedly confirm this journey, with the preparation then the release at the beginning of the year of its next album, with for guest the trumpeter Avishai Cohen, « Wild Songs »

Press Review

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Press Quotations 2014/2015 Samy Thiébault

« An instrumental passion between trance and spiritual message« 
D. Queillé, Libération

« Doors Wide Open »,
J. Denis dans JazzNews

« A tribute to John Coltrane, opening the door to … Doors and better find a personal and original group »
L. Eskenazy, JazzMag

« A clear acoustic fever, and a primal scream of a multitude of brides thrown genders« ,
C. Larrède, JazzNews,

« A beautiful declaration of love, inhabited by a real blast« ,
B. Bouard, JazzMag

« The orchestra man« ,
Title drafting of the day where TSF Jazz Radio Jazz invited Samy Thiebault as guest editor of the day on January 22, 2015

« A new level in the incredible creation of this saxophone player »,
L. Sapir, TSF Jazz

« A glowing inner fire, the one of the great masters ! »
A. Duthil, Open Jazz, France Musique

« This album (…) is carried by a visceral impulse, (…) « Dionysian », it is in many respects, both in its ambition and its result »
V. Bessières, Journaliste et commissaire d’exposition

« A music of disconcerting beauty« 
B. Chapon, 20 minutes

« This Feast, which is that of a united quartet is also ours, without swank and especially inhabited by the sincerity of the emotions. This jazz-there is a contagious disease to which it is good to give up.« 
Denis Desassis, Citizen Jazz

« Exciting and original, proud Gladiator of the saxophone ! »
M. Contat, Télérama